PSC prides ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. As a smaller company, we provide frequent interactions between our key decision makers and the client. Our ability to ensure frequent face-to-face interactions with top members of our Management team, leads to the highest level of customer satisfaction in our industry. 

The PSC Difference

Being a smaller and flatly structured company, PSC excels in quick-adaptation to customize each job for each specific client. Our ability to retain talent and experience allows us to delegate decision making throughout our organization, providing expedited customization and optimization.  Our motto is simple; we will do anything a customer asks as long as it is safe and ethical. 


Employee ownership is best characterized by the pride our employees show in their daily work. Every employee, from the President to the pumper, shares a stake in the achievements accomplished by the company. This translates to unmatched employee retention, safety and quality of service.