Safety First
Producers Service Corporation has and will always put the safety and preservation of our employees first. This mindset enables our employees to go above and beyond, prioritizing safe work practices, and boosting efficiency. Our on-site personnel have access to cloud-based remote hazard identification software, 24-hour on-call medical assistance, and take personal ownership over keeping each other safe.

These factors contributed to driving our TRIR to the lowest value a company can achieve, with a 2020 YTD TRIR of 0.00.

Fire Safety
On any fracturing location there is always a potential of fire or other emergency event and we need to be proactive in our training and response to any such occurrence.  All employees are trained in fire safety, fire attack, hose and stream evolution, application of foam, the use and wear of SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), as well as operating the pump systems on our trucks per the Ohio State Fire Academy curriculum.  This gives our team the unique ability to respond to a fire on location with our our deck mounted deluge gun and our 2.5" hand lines.  Both systems are capable of generating foam to smother any combustibles once we have controlled the fire.  All the equipment is the same as on any fire engineers and meets the industrial standards for fire-fighting requirements.  We will not allow a small flash fire to become the evening news headlines.

Safety Smart
A Safety Smart Company incorporates all aspects of a safety culture.  Our employees are committed to safety and demonstrate their safe work practices in every aspect of the job.  Training is key for this insures our employees are prepared and can respond to any situation in a safe manner.  Job Safety Analysis are preformed prior to beginning a task which points out any issues and how to safely and correctly complete the task.  Our employees are trained in-house on OSHA 10, Rig Pass / Safeland, CPR, First Aid, Hazardous Materials just to name a few along with numerous other required safety topics.

Producers Service Corporation is also a member of local and national safety groups such as Buckeye STEPS, Muskingum County Safety Council, ISNetWorld, PEC Premier, PICS to name a few.  Pride and dedication comes with a Safety Smart Company.