​Producers Service Corporation was founded in 1981 in Zanesville, OH
as a local supplier of fracturing & acidizing services.  Employee purchase of the company in 1994 laid the groundwork for us to become a 100% employee owned company today with each and every employee being an individual shareholder of the company.  We believe this culture of ownership has enabled PSC to become one of the premier pressure pumping companies in the Oil & Gas industry with a culture of service delivery second to none.  The rewards & benefits of ownership of this company have been shared by all employees and each one of us strive to make PSC the best pressure pumping company in our service areas.

PSC currently operates four large shale fracturing fleets out of our districts in Zanesville, OH and Hennessey, OK along with a large conventional fleet & acidizing services.

In addition, we operate 50,000 sq. ft major equipment build and re-build facility just east of Zanesville and maintain offices in Houston, TX.  Since 2010, we have grown from a small regional conventional service provider with 30 employees and 10,000 HHP, into a large scale multi basin service provider with 200,000 HHP and approximately 200 employees.

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About Us

Designed in-house and locally built, our state of the art COMMAND CENTER features slide-out design for customer and crew comfort.  Other features include wired and wireless transmission from blender, real-time data transmission, external display to minimize job interruptions, multiple custom displays, sat-phones, separate rear meeting and phone area and satellite television access.

PSC has a number of new large high rate pressure shale frac crews along with the ability to field up to several additional conventional fracturing and acidizing cews.  Our modern shale fleet is fully equipped with the ability to remote data transmit jobs from our command center and can handle any work scope up to 100 BPM and 15, 000 PSI utilizing FR, linear or X-linked fluids.  In addition, we fabricate and build, in-house, our own 2250 body-load and trailer mount frac pumps and auxillary equipment along with major rebuilds and recapitalization.  Finally, our people and crews own the company.  This translates into a level of excellence and ownership in execution of our work that is unmatched in the industry.  If you would like further information on how to see one of our crews in actions, visit our CONTACTS page and we'll be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements.